How to commission your custom rug or wall hanging

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Step 1

Gather all the images and details of your commission ideas together, providing as much info and detail about your design as possible. Please think about size, colour's and custom additions you wish to add etc.

Step 2

Contact Nuff love Via the contact form on the contact page. Upon our response you will be able to attach any images.

Step 3

We will produce a digital mock-up of your design. We will send potential designs over give you the opportunity to request any changes to the artwork. Once all everyone is happy and the design is finalized we can give you accurate quote along with any additional requests.

Step 4

Details will be required such as full name and Shipping address. You will be sent an invoice via e-mail with payment options. This is valid for 7 days.

Step 5

Once payment is received your slot is booked and and work will begin when you slot is up next in line.


Rug care

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When first receiving your rug a settling period of about 2 weeks, during this time your rug may shed some wool.


Although we do our best to remove any excess material before shipping your rug,  there is no need to be alarmed and regular light hoovering should help your rug to settle.

Whilst you are all good to walk or stand on our rugs, it should be noted that repeated use/abuse can lead to wear and tear over time.

Vacuum your rug about once a month to ensure it stays fresh and clean. Any stray fibers can be trimmed with scissors.

Our rugs are best used for decorative and display purposes.

Avoid walking over your rug with footwear on.

Do not wash your rug in the washing machine.

Bulk orders

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Are you a clothing line or brand looking to expand your inventory? A rug is a very unique and on trend product to showcase your brand/label.

We offer exclusive rates for bulk orders. Simply contact us and have your artwork ready. we will be able to generate a digital mock up of your design and provide a quote for your order along with an estimated shipping date.

Batches of up to 5 rugs can be commissioned and we also offer the option to finish your rugs with your logo on the back!

Head over to our CONTACT page and drop me a line.


All of our rugs at Nuff Love are handmade and commissioned by our clients.

These are based off our clients requests and come from their own ideas and imagination.

Nuff Love Rugs doesn't not intend to infringe copyrighted material, concepts or any other intellectual property.

Long story short, we make custom rugs from client requests.

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