Step 1

Gather all the images and details of your commission ideas together, providing as much info and detail about your design as possible.

Please think about



-Any custom additions/ideas you wish to try and add.

The more detail that you can give will help me design your artwork!

Step 2

Contact Nuff love Via the contact form on the contact page on our website.
Upon my response you will be able to attach any images etc that will help with the design of your artwork.

Step 3

I will produce a digital mock-up of your design showing

-Wool colour samples

-Design adjustments

-Size options

I will send potential designs over give you the opportunity to request any changes to the artwork.
Once all everyone is happy and the design is finalized we can give you accurate quote along with any additional requests.

Step 4

Details will be required such as

-Full name

-Shipping address

-Contact telephone (Overseas orders)

. You will be sent an invoice via e-mail with payment options.
This is valid for 7 days

Step 5

Once payment is received your slot is booked and
work will begin when you slot is up next in line.